‘Up 5’ ‘Donna’ and ‘Up 6’ Expanded Polyurethane Foam and Black Stretch Fabric Lounge Chair and Ottoman
Italy, c. 1969
Gaetano Pesce

C&B Italia
37 x 43 x 42”

Taking a broad and encompassing approach to design, Gaetano Pesce has accomplished an astonishing freedom of expression. One of the most common elements found in Pesce's work is the human body. A striking example of this can be found in his UP series. Chairs were made of molded foam then covered over with colorful stretch fabric. Compressed and vacuum-packed into PVC wrappers, the furniture literally bounced into life when unwrapped, the forms suggesting the roundness of the human body. The 'UP5' or 'Donna' chair reflected Pesce's own view of women. "They have always been, against their own wills, prisoners of themselves". The small round foot rest takes the shape of the familiar prisoner's ball and chain. —Christie’s

📷 Christie’s