Triangular Bed
Berlin, 2014–2015
June-14 Meyer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff

Budget ~4400€

The bed is for the nuclear family and for its opposite, together. —June-14 Meyer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff

Comfort can be about possibilities, paths of escape, and freedom. Comfort can grow from clarity, support, and the familiar. Our triangular bed from the series For the Nuclear Family and Its Opposite Together (2014) concerns itself with the coziness and the unknown at once. A giant soft triangle lets you lie in a lot of different ways. The shortest side is really very long. Nearly independent activities can happen all at once here but it remains one space. Most rooms are rectangular. With the triangle a room becomes four spaces: the bed itself, and the other three, one per side. A rectangular bed, by contrast, makes just one space. It is all bedroom. Comfort on and around the triangle becomes very specific when other programs emerge. Each person does something different on each side. There is usually a place for a desk somewhere, a place for a wardrobe, a place for a chair, and so on. The key to being comfortable is being flexible of course. You make peace with the fact that on the very same spot you might have an orgy one day or simply cuddle up with a few of your kids the next. —Sam Chermayeff, PIN-UP Magazine

📷 June-14 Meyer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff