The Information Machine
USA, 1958
Charles and Ray Eames

16mm film reel in canister
7¼ × 1“

Between 1950 and 1982, Charles and Ray Eames/Eames Office produced over 125 films, beginning with abstracted and poignant meditations on various kinds of toys and later delving into mathematical concepts, computers, architecture, history and corporate-sponsored branding films for the likes of IBM, Polaroid and Boeing. —Wright.

The first fully animated film produced by Eames Office, The Information Machine was made for the IBM Pavilion at the 1958 Brussels World's Fair as an introduction to the computer and the way it would change humankind's approach to systems, data and information processing. Winner of Edinburgh International Film Festival Award, 1958.

Film run time: 10 minutes. Color.

(Photo: Wright)