stainless steel

24 x 12 x 3 cm

TIAN is a stainless steel vase that explores how spatial division affects flower arrangement. Punctured on both sides to accommodate a removable intersecting round bar, Tian presents two adjacent spaces, related in multiple ways according to the user’s own interpretations.

The bar functions as a double-sided hanger, inviting the user to display a pair of scissors with the flowers. A hanging pair of scissors calls attention to the necessary violence of severing the flower from the soil and trimming the flower’s stem. The scissors, paradoxically killing and extending the life of the cut flowers, complete the vase.

The name Tian refers to the Tian Shan Mountains, the ancestral region of wild tulips. Designed to house the tulip flower, Tian echoes the verticality of the tulip flower stem. The stainless steel’s reflective surface mirrors the space in which Tian sits, and under certain lighting conditions, melts the vase into its surrounding environment.

Edition of 50