Side Chair (model ST14)
Germany, 1931
Hans Luckhardt, Wassili Luckhardt

DESTA (Deutsche Stahlmöbel)
Tubular steel and molded plywood
34⅝ x 21³⁄₁₆ x 24³⁄₁₆"

Wassili Luckhardt and his brother Hans worked closely together for most of their lives. Both were members of the November Group (Novembergruppe), the Arbeitsrat für Kunst, the Glass Chain and, from 1926, the progressive architecture group Der Ring. From 1924 to 1934 their practice was also shared with Alfons Anker.

In the 1920s the brothers were among the world's top architects. Originally Expressionist they then turned to modernism. Their buildings are typical examples with skeletons of steel or reinforced concrete. During National Socialism the Luckhardt brothers tried initially to reconcile their architecture with the new ruling powers and joined even the Nazi Party. It quickly became apparent however that the new regime required a different architectural language. They were professionally disqualified and could only build three single-family houses in this time, the exterior of which was made to blend in with the preferred style of the regime.

After World War II they tried to return to their pre-war work. After the death of his brother Hans, Wassili ran the office alone. —Wiki

(Photo: MoMA)