PK 62 Low Table
Denmark, 1968
Poul Kjaerholm

E. Kold Christensen
marble, matte chrome-plated steel
32½ × 10½ × 6¾”

In 1968, Poul Kjærholm set out to design a series of tables that could be combined with his collection of lounge chairs and sofas. The resulting PK62™ was created in connection with the development of two chairs: the PK20™ and PK24™. A design favourite, the statement side table features a satin-brushed stainless steel base and a tabletop made of slate, marble or granite. —Fritz Hansen

Born in ØsterVrå, Denmark in 1929, designer Poul Kjaerholm began his career as a cabinetmaker’s apprentice in 1948. He studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen, graduating in 1952, and subsequently taught there until 1956. He was a lecturer at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1959, head of the Institute of Design in 1973, and became a professor there in 1976.

Kjaerholm’s furniture designs were characterized by a simple aesthetic that stripped away ornament in favor of clean lines and materials-based beauty. He used steel frames extensively in his work, often in combination with natural materials such as wood, cane, and leather, and was a strong proponent of industrial production.

Kjaerholm designed dozens of chairs and tables, including the iconic PK22 and PK24 chairs, and E. Kold Christensen and Fritz Hansen produced several of his designs. —Pamono

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