Kilkenny Rug
Eileen Gray

Hand-Knotted Pure New Wool
80 knots per square inch.
92.5 x 79.1"

Gray was a designer who defied easy categorisation. In her early, Art Deco work she explored decorative surfaces and luxurious materials within a design vocabulary that could be either extravagant or restrained.

By the mid 1920s her architectural sensibility became more evident, in increasingly geometric, even abstract, furniture, carpets and lighting. Yet she maintained her interest in the feel and effect of materials. When Gray created her own Modernist house she put into practice her belief that ‘human needs’ should guide the designer. ‘The art of the engineer’ was not enough. —Victoria and Albert Museum .

The Kilkenny rug is part of a series of rugs designed by Eileen Gray in the 1920's and 1930's for various interior projects.

(Photo: Aram Store)