Home-for-All Model (No. 332)
Japan, 2011
Sou Fujimoto

wood and styrene board
17 × 15 × 15 cm

The massive March 11 earthquake-tsunami that hit northeastern Japan in 2011 wrought unprecedented damage, even setting off a chain of nuclear disaster. Over 100,000 people lost their homes and were forced to take shelter in relief centers and temporary housing. The relief centers offer no privacy, scarcely enough room to stretch out and sleep, while the hastily tacked up temporary housing units are little more than rows of empty shells—grim living conditions either way.

The idea is to make something like a house that is all living room and no bedrooms. A place with sofas and tables where people can go sit and talk, maybe read a book or newspaper over coffee. A reassuring place that offers a bit of normal life. No matter how humble and unassuming, to those who have lost their own home, the “Home-for-All” might just afford a viable hold-on substitute. —Architectuul

Final structure in Rikuzentakata

Final model by Toyo Ito, Kumiko Inui, Sou Fujimoto, and Akihisa Hirata displayed at the Japanese Pavilion

📷 M+, Iwan Baan, designboom