Golgotha Chair
Italy, 1972
Gaetano Pesce

Dacron filled and resin soaked fiberglass cloth
39 x 18¹⁄₂ x 27³⁄₄"

Born in La Spezia, Italy, Pesce studied architecture at the University of Venice. In over 42 years of practice, the versatile Pesce has undertaken a range of commissions from architecture to urban planning, interior design, industrial design, lighting, furniture, and publishing. As one of the most unconventional and multi-talented designers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, he has become known for his explorations of, and innovative approaches to, materials and production processes. He is particularly well known for his work in resin. Pesce has resided in New York since 1980, and taught at several institutions including Cooper Union in New York, and the Institut d'Architecture et d'Etudes Urbaines in Strasbourg. His work has won numerous awards, and is included in the peramanent collections of many museums such as Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Saint Louis Art Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. —Cooper Hewitt

Bracciodiferro, part of the Cassina Research and Development Centre founded at the beginning of the 1970’s as an experimental laboratory, was an idea by Gaetano Pesce which involved Alessandro Mendini.  —Cassina

(Photo: MoMA)