Deutschland Ausstellung, 18.Juli bis 16.August 1936
Herbert Bayer

Gravure with offset photolithographic cover
8¹⁄₄ x 8¹⁄₄"

As with other designers of his generation, Bayer became alarmed over the increasingly repressive political situation in Germany and finally left in 1938 for New York. Within a short period of time, he was well-established as a designer, and among other achievements, had organized a comprehensive exhibition at MoMA on the early Bauhaus years. He also formed important connections with the publishers of Life and Fortune magazines, General Electric, and Container Corporation of America. CCA’s chief executive, Walter Paepcke, became an important patron of Bayer’s in the years to come, beginning with an invitation to move to Aspen, Colorado, to become a design consultant for the company. Bayer also supervised the architectural design of the new Aspen Institute, and then many of its program graphics. Bayer remained in Aspen until 1974, when he moved to California. There he worked on various environmental projects until his death in 1985. —RIT

(Photo: MoMA)