Coast Restaurant, London
England, 1995
Marc Newson

The very ambitious interior was the first interior job that allowed Marc to “go all out in terms of designing everything.” Featuring recessed lighting, the gigantic spiral central staircase was surrounded by a tubular wall that came out of the floor without touching the sides of the stairs. The freestanding tube shape echoes an oft-seen theme in Marc’s work and was covered in Tartan athletic track material—the only solution he found for seamlessly joining the vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Marc also used the Coast Restaurant as an opportunity to design a whole range of objects from cutlery to glassware, tableware, and furniture. A number of items were subsequently put into production: the Gemini salt and pepper grinders by Alessi, the ashtray by Blend (and later Alessi and Habitat), the glassware by the Japanese company Goto, and the Coast table and chair by Magis (although the table was ultimately not used in the finished restaurant). —Marc Newson

Gemini Salt and Pepper Grinders by Marc Newson, 1997

Ashtray by Marc Newson, 1995

Coast Chair & Table by Marc Newson, 2002:
First designed for the Coast restaurant in London in 1995, the chairs were made from oak and produced at a small factory in Italy.  In 2002, Marc redesigned the pieces in plastic for the Italian company Magis, using upholstery in Kavdrat Tonus fabric for the cushions.

📷 Marc Newson