Biscuit Jar No. 4505
Germany, 1902
Hugo Leven

J.P. Kayser Sohn
Silver-plated pewter
17 x 27 x 27”

Hugo Leven (1874-1956) was a German designer who produced work (candlesticks, tableware, jewelry) typical of the Jugendstil style. He studied at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf and later became the art director of the German metalware company J.P. Kayser & Sons, producing the famous Kayserzinn pewters. He also worked for the Kreuter Company in Hanau, and his innovative vision influenced the students and the teachers in Hanau. Among his students, Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Christian Dell, Wiwen Nilsson, and Herbert Zeitner later joined the Jugendstil movement. Although he taught the industrial way of producing objects, Leven favored handcrafting. Unfortunately, almost all of his original works and papers have disappeared during World War II, and only fragments are available today. —Senses Art Nouveau

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