Banco Metropolitano, Sabana Grande, Venezuela
José Miguel Galia

15¾ x 11 x 14¹⁵⁄₁₆"

José Miguel Galia (1919-2009) was an architect of Argentine and Uruguayan origin who completed his career in both Uruguay and Venezuela, where he spent most of his professional career. He was awarded the Venezuelan National Architecture Prize in 1973.

Galia was part of the second generation of modern architects, with José Tomás Sanabria, Martín Vegas, Guido Bermúdez, Fruto Vivas, Henrique Hernández, Guinand Sandoz, Moises Benacerraf and others. He was a partner of Martín Vegas for many years.

Among his most important works are the Banco Metropolitano, the Angloven Building, Casa Monagas, Seguros Orinoco, the Ateneo de Valencia, Banco Caracas de Sabana Grande, the Polar Tower (the first glass curtain-wall building in Venezuela), designed alone or in partnership with Architect Martín Vegas. —Wikipedia

(Photo: MoMA)